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Let me introduce myself, no my name isnt "Realish Tee" its Tara-Lynn. I wont go into detail about that, theres a blog for that. I am a mother to three beautiful children. But I am more than just a mother. I am a business woman, a STRONG a** woman. A little too much? It took me a long time to believe that last one. So, I'll say it again, a STRONG a** woman.

I am continuously growing and learning, mostly through tough experiences, like many other woman. In which I choose to speak UP and speak OUT about. Why? Cause if 100 of my words help 1, I am succeeding. Within the many trades of life I have explored to find my purpose, it ended up being my voice all along. Who knew? Probably a few of my friends.  But now its time to act on that purpose. 

Here you can expect to find blogs about many different challenges, parenting, business, and maybe some DYI's. I am not a one dream woman. So I cannot tell you all this will be. I don't even know myself yet. I wont be limiting myself to one category of blogging, project or career. This one is for all of who I am.

So through reading about the "Life of Tara-Lynn." I ask that you feel empowered, free to express yourself and "normal". But more importantly give yourself the love to believe all of who you are too. 

Welcome beautiful soul.. 

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