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How I spoke with my Grandpa I‘ve never met.

A moment I hold close to my heart.

*** I was born on my grandmother Helens birthday. Years after she had passed, which was followed by my grandfather Pete. I never had the chance of meeting them. But I always felt a connection with my grandmother. ***

I took a mediumship course in “secret” from my family thinking everyone would judge me. Think I was weird. But I decided to do it on my own so I could really dial in to who I was. And not be influenced by others.

During my course I was feeling more confident that I was a medium. That this wasn’t a joke, yet still questioning… Is it real. Which brings me to the night I spoke with my Grandpa.

It was a regular Friday night with my kids. We ordered pizza and they were watching TV. I was on my computer. I randomly started thinking of Pete… Over and over again. I then asked my kids out of the blue, Pete the Dragon!!! Who wants to watch Pete the Dragon… They were like movie? Heck yeah….

I shut down my computer and searched for this movie. The whole time I kept thinking Pete. I tried to ignore it. But then I saw a man sitting on my couch.

It clicked…. Oh, Grandpa Pete!!

I started to connect.

I asked who he was and why he was here.

“Grandpa Pete, i just want to spend time with the kids and you.“

I asked, was there anything you wanted to say to my mom. “I’m sorry and I love you.”

Of course I asked for validation. That was a very broad statement to call my mom with, knowing she doesnt know I’m enrolled in a medium course.

I started singing “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.” By Bill withers in my head. (My all time favourite artist)

I asked for something else. It didn’t make sense, “white shirt”…

Okay now I’m even more confused. I tried to shut it down. I was like you’re crazy. Watch the damn movie.

I tried to ignore it all after that. But I kept getting a urge to call my mom. After I battled with myself for a few minutes. I told my partner I needed to go call my mom.

I went up stairs, and started the awkward… “Hey mom… sooo…. I have some weird question for you.”

I asked, did your dad use to listen to Bill Withers, Aint no Sunshine When she’s gone?

She replied, “not that I can remember.” (Probably wondering where the hell this is coming from)

Okay I’m loosing it I thought.

I then asked, did he wear white shirts a lot? She replied, “No, he actually never wore white shirts. Always plaid.”

Its 10:30pm, I just called my mom with these random questions and nothing is close to being accurate. To say I was sinking my my chair, was a understatement. I was in quick sand.

After a pause she was like, “You know its funny you ask that. My dad never wore white shirts. But on his last visit I had with him I went in his closet and saw two white shirts. I asked him, why do you have white shirts? He replied, you never know when you’ll need one. And at that moment I had a sinking feeling that would be the last time I’d see him. And it was. He had bought himself two white shirts for his funeral, and he passed away after that Visit.“

My body started shivering…. Wait what? I never knew that and I was not expecting that.

I then continued with… Well mom, I started taking a mediumship course and I didn’t want to tell you because I was scared of what you would think of me. But I felt your dad come through and I felt the urge to call you about it.

He loves you, and he’s sorry.

She was happy to hear it and explained why. Then asked why I didn’t want to tell her, I explained my fear of being judged. And being the black sheep of the family.

Well I was in for a shock. She told me, that my grandma helen was a medium. She had a lot of experiences and went to meetings. “So you aren’t really different, it runs in your blood.”

I did not expect that either… At this point I’m like HOLY SHIT.

We got back to my grandpa.. “Well where does Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone come in?”

She replied. “That was how he felt after grandma died.. He was depressed. He didn’t want to go on without her.”

And just like that. A conversation brought together the puzzle pieces.

I continued to tell her about my whole experience. How he just sat on the couch with the kids and she said sounded like him. He would have just wanted to be around us kids. Family was important to him.

It was a past that was brought up for the reason she needed. And a lesson for me.

We don’t always need to know why everything and have it makes sense. Things will come to light in the way they need to. Follow your instincts. And believe in yourself. 💖🙏🏼💫

In loving memory of my Grandpa Pete and Grandma Helen.

We didn’t have to meet this life time to be connected.

Thank you for your guidance. Xo

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