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A Year After Pregnancy With A IUD

This may get a little dark as I flash back to the beginning of this journey. It started last July, as I found out I was pregnant with a IUD. It was a storm of emotions. Once I found out I was extremely scared. I didn’t know the extent of everything, other that I wanted the IUD OUT!! But that couldn’t be done until they figured out where the baby was. Two weeks of pain, tremendous loss of blood, ultrasounds and praying someone would find it. They figured it was eptopic but wanted to confirm it. I ended up in the hospital not able to breath and pain. The ER doctor told me I had gallstones..... After telling him what I’ve been dealing with, he chose to not listen. I begged he called my doctor & passed out from the pain. My angle (a friend)

yelled and demanded they did tests. They sent me for a test for my abs... My ultrasound tech decided to look at my uterus instead only to find out I was bleeding internally. I was rushed to an emergency surgery that was suppose to last 20 mins. It took 3 hours because I had a litre and half of blood pooling inside of me. A hour, or a few more minutes and I could have died from bleeding internally. I was discharged in 24 hours only to come back 12 hours later because they believed my blood was infected. 48 more hours of antibiotics... In that month I couldn’t hold my six month baby, I didn’t see my kids much and I fought till I almost died for the doctors to listen to me that something wasn’t right. My faith in the health system dissolved. For the next year I believed I wasn’t suppose to be alive. That I was suppose to die or I would die if I fell asleep. I’m scared to loose my kids. I hold them so close whenever I can. This left me with depression, ptsd and so much fear. I tried every day to be thankful and live it to the fullest. But inside I felt like I was dying. As I am here today, I feel like I am meant to speak my truth, use my voice and always be a listening ear with no judgement. I’ve always had the need to help others. And I will do that in anyway I can. Thankful for the second chance at life, my children and seeing them grow. But I’m thankful I’ve found myself on a deeper level.

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