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Ectopic Pregnancy With IUD (Jaydess)

UPDATE: This post is not meant to scare anyone but I do hope it helps someone. I am choosing to be open and share my story in hope it helps someone. I’m sorry if this topic offends anyone. ***

April 4th I got a Jaydess IUD. Non copper, 3-5 years. Hormonal free. I struggle to come to this decision for a long time. I was against IUD’s. I was told I wouldn’t loose my milk supply, I shouldn’t gain weight and my emotionally it wouldn’t effect me. Sounded good. Yet none of that was true. Nothing normalized for me. As the months went on a struggled with a lot of anxiety and self issues.

Then comes June, for two weeks I felt like things weren’t right. I was tired, achy and felt like crap. In the middle of moving, I figured I was just stressed and over run. Then July 1st I went to the hospital and found out I was pregnant. How? I have an IUD.

For the next two weeks I went for blood work every other day and ultrasounds trying to figure out if it was an eptopic pregnancy, a miscarriage or healthy pregnancy. Three ultrasound later I was told, I still have to wait to take out the IUD even tho I was in so much pain. “Just take it out I begged”. They still had no idea what was happening. See at this point I wasn’t blaming my doctor he was doing everything he could do.

This brings me to Thursday morning, I woke up again in pain and called my doctor. Again, there was nothing he could do yet send me again for a ultrasound & blood work. Drained and frustrated. All I could do was pray we figured it out. By the end of the night I was cramping a lot more then usual. So I went to be early hoping I could make it go away before my meeting in the morning.

3 am I wake up cramping and pain shooting up my chest. I got up and had tea & tums thinking it was an upset stomach. Until I couldnt breathe and lay down. I was stuck. Do I go in to the hospital again just to be told there’s nothing to be done? I waited until 5:30am and drove myself to the hospital while everyone was sleeping, thinking I’d be home before they woke up.

With a dead phone, I don’t get in to see a doctor till 6:30, who despite listening to my history and what I’ve been struggling with. He tells me I have gallstones and orders blood work. He gave me 3 types of medicine that didn’t work, 10:00 comes around and he informs me my blood work is back and I’m fine, just pregnant. Not being able to breathe, move, let alone cry. I ask him just call my doctor please.

10:30 I get ordered for a abdominal ultrasound. I try to explain my situation again to my tech and she talks to her boss to see she can do a pelvic one as well. THANK GOD. While I was walking back to my room, they redirected me to a new bed to start prepping for surgery.

My worst nightmare had became real life. My amazing friend Jazmine started calling family to let them know I was going into surgery for a eptopic pregnancy. Something that I kept bringing up. Could it be this? All I knew was I couldn’t cry because if I cried I wouldn’t be able to breath and that I was bleeding enterally.

My surgery should have been 10-15 minutes while a little time to clean. Instead it took 3 hours to clean out a litre and half of blood from my body. I had to get a embryo taken out of one side and a cyst toke out of the other side. I woke up surrounded with family, which meant the world to me. And a grateful heart. I was frustrated this past month, but after going through this I’m so happy to be able to be here.

If I had waited home or didn’t have this surgery I probably would have died. This thought to me crumbles my heart. My chest feels heavy. And as I sit here in pain I’m terrified. I would rather be in the hospital than home.

My baby wants me and I can’t hold her. Zeke wants to cuddle me but it hurts. I can tell Lexi is upset. And soon they’ll be off to their dads. I miss them and they’re right by me. But I do feel the love and support from everyone around me. I really appreciate it.

I’m praying for healing in a lot of different areas in my life right now. But more than anything just to hold my babies and enjoy time with them.

And I do thank my Doctor for constantly fighting along with me to find answers, performing my surgery and helping me through this nightmare.

Lastly, since I had gotten the IUD I met a lot of women who had issues with theirs, were struggling in silence or who weren’t sure of it. I hope they find the strength to speak up. Talk about it. Know the warning signs. Inform your friends. They work for some people, but they have life threatening side effects that come with it. And sometimes you can’t just take them out. Now this situation is a small chance as they say, but it still can happen. Get educated and inform your loved ones. No one knows your body like you do. If you feel like something is wrong, don’t stop till you feel better. Below I will post the type of IUD I had.

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